A videographer, marketer, photographer, writer and educator

with 15 years experience working in film production,

online video, documentary, commercials, drama, Making Of’s, publishing and news,

based in Cape Town, South Africa.


Has shot and often edited material for companies like
National Geographic, HBO, Animal Planet, Canal Plus, and the BBC

along with hundreds of both local and international production companies.

Has a particular affinity for
adventure cinematography and photography.

Previously, has worked as an Assistant Director for many years. This involved planning, scheduling, coordinating and motivating large amounts of people and complex activity on films sets.

During which time he has worked on:

  • Over a dozen feature films including: Lord of War, The Girl, The Dinosaur Project, In My Country/Country of My Skull, Monsieur N, Proteus, Boy Called Twist etc
  • Over fifty hours of television programming on shows like: Jacobs Cross, The Triangle, Zone 14, Montana etc
  • Over two hundred commercials for clients and agencies the world over
  • Dozens of documentaries, music videos, short films and corporate videos

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Call me on +27 72 263 0353

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