A place for some of the material created alongside THE MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA, a documentary about rock climbing on Table Mountain that I have begun shooting on.

A teaser for the film

The story revolves around some of the new hard ‘trad’ lines being put up on Table Mountain. ‘Trad’, short for ‘traditional climbing’ involves using no permanent protection, only what the rock will offer up…

Peeling off Victims of Comfort, a new grade 29 route on Magnetic Wall.

A film of Joe Mohle opening the first pitch of Darkest Africa, a new 31 trad route on Table Mountain.

A video of Joe Mohle making the 2nd ascent of this 31/8a+ trad test piece near Hermanus, Western Cape.

Joe climbs past a bolt placed on a route put up in the early 90’s when bolting ethics on Table Mountain were still in flux. Bolts were officially outlawed on the mountain with the advent of the Table Mountain National Park in 1998. Joe climbed the route using only natural protection, and then, having shown the bolt to be superflous, removed it from the rock.

Dark Horse on the intimidating Africa Arette, a route that doesnt offer up much gear.

Climbing on the mountain is a spectacular affair.

Trad’ climbing is contrasted with ‘sport’ climbing, in which preplaced bolts secure the climber in the event of a fall.

Mazawatee, currently the hardest rock climb in the country at grade 35, presents Matt Bush with its crux. Montague, Western Cape.

A film of Matt working the route.
See Matt soloing some crazy hard stuff here

A POV test film of a climb up the old Table Mountain classic Africa Crag, first climbed in 1936. The wide lens is pretty wacky, so if you have a large screen or suffer from motion sickness perhaps pull the dustbin a little closer…

The crux of the historic test piece Touch and Go, opened by some very bold climbers in 1961 without the help of the modern gear one relies on for protection today.

Cableway Crag, a visionary route opened by Mike Mamacos in 1949. His climbing partner refused to follow him on this pitch, so he untied from the rope and soloed up to the top!